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Recommended products:Black pebbles
BlackBlack pebblesSpecificationsThere is:2-4cm,4-6cm,6-9cm

Apply to:Garden path design ornament,The ground of the kitchen bathroom toilet、Embedded wall coating。
The material:
95% The above silica( SiO2 ).
The performance parameters:Surface finish98%、Compressive strength is 600 Kg/M2 The above。
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The white pebblesRed pebblesYellow stoneColorful pebbles
Stripe pebblesLarge spherical pebblesSpecifications of stoneTransformer pebbles
Special instructions:

The real natural pebble shape individuals differ in thousands ways、Diversity,There are no two identical natural pebbles。

So you purchase it、See the pebbles shows a slight gap may be related to the picture。And the purchase of pebbles quality grades of different sensory differences will also bring you。
The pebble:
Pebbles are widely used in public buildings、Villa、Courtyard buildings、Paved roads、Park rockery、Bonsai filling material、Garden art and other advanced superstructure。It is disseminating ancient Oriental culture,And western classical、Grace,Art style of art。

The characteristics of the nanjing pebble is mined pebbles is one elliptical one small stone,Has the colour and lustre is real,Hard,Cold heat, etc。

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A variety of USES pebbles to decorate effect instance
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Up to date:Nanjing Olympic sports center,AdoptedNanjing partnership pebbles factory的2-3cmWhite、Black pebbles,As well as other pebbles products,And USES the cobblestone road design scheme。The Olympic sports center shop pebbles images specific display

A sports professional supermarket sports recreational area of natural white cobble ground laid,AdoptedNanjing partnership pebbles factory的2-3cmWhite made yuhua district pebbles。Cobble concrete display picture

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White exposed aggregate mechanismThe mechanism of yellow exposed aggregateNatural yellow pebble stone
Square cobble laid effect1Square cobble laid effect2Square cobble laid effect3

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